Monday, April 13, 2009

Sissy Ashley's Automated Trainer

What does virtually ever sissy desire? A personal trainer. Whether it is a Master, Mistress, or another sissy we all have at some point or another needed someone to guide us, to show us how to look more feminine, to push our boundaries a little. Of course there are plenty of places online that will help, and certainly plenty of Mistresses who will train for regular fees...but online dares/tasks/programs are often incomplete or costly, and Mistresses usually don't work for cheap (and why should they!).

After years of not being able to keep myself on a regular progressive path towards sissification and full feminization I created a program using an excel spreadsheet. The program is simple, there are many categories that it dictates: clothing, underwear, makeup, daily chores, toy play, etc. etc. (see the pictures below). And not only does it choose what you have to wear, but it is built in 10 levels, so it progressively makes you more feminine in appearance and behavior! You can train yourself at home, following simple easy to read weekly schedules and as you progress you simply move on to the next level. Easy, simple steps.

My training program can be used even if you do have a Mistress or Master...or if you are living alone. If desired I can even customize the program to include your particular interests, wardrobe, demands, etc. As I work on the program more I hope to include images, more complex tasks, and a larger variety of tasks, but even now there are literally hundreds of different randomized items and tasks and millions of possible combinations. With patience and dedication this program can become an automated way to keep you in line and constantly moving towards femininity.

So how can you get the program?

Simple, send me a gift certificate for what you think it's worth (minimum $25). Remember the program is an excel spreadsheet so you need Excel or Mac's Numbers to run it, but the program is yours to keep permanently. You don't need to re-buy every year or anything. Simply reward my hard work once and I'll get the program out to you right away!

Send your gift card to:

Any of these online choices are perfect for it:
Victoria's Secret

For a negotiated fee I can also customize your program if you like, just let me know!